Captain Miller Box Office collection Day 1

Captain Miller Box Office collection Day 1

Captain Miller directed by Arun Matheswaran is an engaging and insightful movie which features the superbly talented actor Dhanush . The movie is set in pre-independence times and tells the story of a man from a small town who has dreams about joining the British military only to find out that he must point his gun at his own people. Through vibrant scenes of action and impressive performances, Captain Miller deals with issues related to prejudice hierarchy freedom.

Captain Miller Movie: A Journey of Transformation

Captain Miller is presented in a new angle by Arun Matheswaran , the man behind his previous works Rocky and Saani Kaayidham . While his earlier writings can look like bloodily revenge tales of dare devil- type, Captain Miller looks beyond this; he ponders about society tiers and prejudices. The film is packed with intense action sequences but it ironically turns out to be Arun’s least violent work as the emphasis lies elsewhere, on that underlying message a movie could want to convey.

The film takes the lead character, Analeesan (performed by Dhanush), through a course characterized with suffering. Blood of his own people, even relatives and husband to the man who loved him only as a friend drives Analeesan on. This loss causes him to becomes vengeful and ends up becoming the stubborn Captain Miller. Through fate Analeesan is torn between being a British soldier so that he can gain respect or rebelling against his masters in order to earn the fearful kind.

A Non-Linear Narrative

Analeesan’s character in the hands of a skillful actor like Dhanush becomes an empty canvas for displaying acting artistry. From a distraught youngster Analeesan’s character changes into an injured soldier, from the most dreaded dacoit to revolutionary king each phase of this transformation Dhanush nails it similarly. The film’s secondary characters, such as Priyanka Arul Mohan, Sundeep Kishan , Elango Kumaravel , Nivedhithaa Sathish and Shiva Rajkumar help provide yet another stellar cast.

Captain Miller Box Office Collection

Dhanush as Kokki Kumar
Dhanush as Kokki Kumar

Both Captain Miller and Ayalaan have had a big reservation boost after the initial day shows received tremendous response. On Day 1, January 12 , Dhanush’s ‘Captain Miller’ is predicted to gross around Rs widespread at the home box office. Then, the much awaited film had an occupancy of 40.99 % in Tamil , Rs .6. Also, ‘Captain Miller’ faced head-on competition with a Tamil film based on space adventure helmed by Sivakarthikeyan titled Ayalaan. However, Dhanush won the fight. In trade reports, “Ayalaan” was released at Rs 4 crore.

Dhanush’s Acting Prowess

In the hands of an accomplished actor like Dhanush, Analeesan’s character becomes a blank canvas for showcasing acting prowess. As Analeesan’s character evolves from a heartbroken youngster to a dejected trooper, and from a notorious bandit to a revolutionist, Dhanush delivers a remarkable performance in every segment of his transformation. The film’s supporting cast, including Priyanka Arul Mohan, Sundeep Kishan, Elango Kumaravel, Nivedhithaa Sathish, and Shiva Rajkumar, further contributes to an outstanding ensemble.

Strong Female Characters

Captain Miller also highlights many strong female characters. Seemingly throughout, women characters surge and have significant impacts on the plot in this movie. but how that not just creates the epic feel of a story, it adds real depth and diversity reinforcing this film’s appeal.

Visual Treat and Music

The cinematography of the film Captain Miller is thanks to Siddhartha Nuni and it also produces good music by way of GV Prakash. The film is highly indebted many of the world cinema, and its presentation on the visual level removes same when it comes to feeling that simply they were watching Cinema worthy. The music produced by GV Prakash in association with Dhanush again comes up here to add a sort of emotional strength within the film.

A Step Forward

Arun Matheswaran has taken a significant step forward as it is the first time that he does Captain Miller . As for James Hogg, he was quite an outstanding author with a distinct style and socio-political satire so worthy of receiving appreciation and complimentations. The film further adorns Dhanush’s honorable feather as a versatile actor, solely adding to his infinite depth. Captain Miller’s captivating story line, vigorous acting and technical savvy doesn’t allow viewers to take their minds off the prospect of a sequel.


Filmmaker Captain Miller is undoubtedly a definite must-watch for its magnetic way of presenting storylines in conjunction with superb performances. The director, Arun Matheswaran has done a fine job keeping such complicated issues as prejudice and hierarchy right at the core of his story. Dhanush as an Analeesan acts a bit to its credit along with ensemble cast that provides depth and authenticity-\ ness of the film. As an artistic endeavor, Captain Miller is a cinematic treasure that getting the best out of all who worked to make it happen. Its non-linear narrative style, stunning visuals and moving musical score come together for one big workable masterpiece.

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