Vasheekaran PrimePlay Web Series Watch Episodes Online

Vasheekaran PrimePlay Web Series

Vasheekaran Prime Play Web Series Watch Episodes Online

Vashikaran is an Indian web series produced by Bold. Annu Maurya and Shyana Khatri are in the lead roles in this Hindi web series. The actresses played their characters well in this series. Viewers will be able to watch this series online from January 20, 2024. Gaurav Singh is the director and Mohsin Alvi is the producer of the web series.

In this article you will get information about Cast, Crew, Plot, How to Watch Online, Actress,and many more

Vasheekaran PrimePlay Web Series Details

TitleVasheekaran Web Series
PlatformPrimeplay App
DirectorGaurav Singh
CastShyana Khatri, Annu Maurya, Manavi Chugh, Anupam Gaohi
Release Date20th January
GenreDrama, Bold, Suspense
Run Time17 to 25 minutes
ProducerMohsin Alvi

Vasheekaran Web Series Cast

  • Shyana Khatri
  • Annu Maurya as Ritu
  • Manvi Chugh as Chanda
  • Anupam Gaohi as Kamlesh

Vasheerkaran Web Series Story

Annu Maurya as Ritu
Annu Maurya as Ritu

The plot of Vasheekaran Web Series revolved around Kamlesh (Anupam Gaohi) and Ritu( Annu Maurya). But Ritu is not in love with KamleshKamlesh agreed to tutor Chanda(Manvi chugh), the sister of Ritu After this Chanda tries to charm Kamlesh, and abuses him. However, Kamlesh’s world turns upside down when he realizes the truth about relationship between Annu Maurya and Manvi Chugh as now has to choose one of them.

Manvi Chugh and Shyana Khatri Capitative Performance

After a long time, Shyana Khatri makes her re-entry on Primeplay App. Both Shyana Khtari and Manvi Chugh performed a raunchy act that left people spellbound, for which they were liked by everyone. It is not only Shyana Khatri who has captured the hearts of the audience with her performance but Maanvi Chugh also gave competition equal to hers by being bold.

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