Shilpa Ka Sikhar Web Series Part 1 Episodes on Primeplay App

Shilpa Ka Sikhar Web Series Part 1 most anticipated series of Primeplay App is finally released on Primeplay App. We wanted to see the series and finally it’s released. 18+ erotic romance mystery is set to entertain in this Hindi series. There are real journeys of emotions in each episode, revealing themselves in sometimes unexpected ways that leave you spellbound.

TitleShilpa Ka Shikar
Release Date07th Jan 2024
CastTripti Berra
PlatformPrimeplay App
Release Date07th Jan 2024

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Shilpa Ka Sikhar Web Series Part 1 Story

Shilpa Ka Sikhar Web Series story is based on some unresolved relationships, in this you will get to see a murder mystery in which both the mistress and the master are murdered and the master makes his Naurkar Raju the owner of all his property. Trupti Ber, who is the owner’s daughter, cannot digest this. Tripti Ber lives in the same house with her husband. You will get to see Trupti Ber in hot and bold scenes which will make your heart happy. Who would not like to be the peak of this beauty?

Talking about Shilpa Ka Sikhar Web Series, episodes have been released till now in which nothing is known that the story will take a further turn but you will definitely enjoy watching Trupti Bera’s scenes.

Shilpa Ka Sikhar Web Series Cast

  • Tripti Bera
  • Anita Jaiswal
  • Tia

Tripti Bera Stellar Performance

Tripti Bera, with her mesmerizing personality and stellar performance in the web series “Shilpa Ka Shikar,” also adds a ray of brilliance. In a beautifully shot scene, she spins emotions creating an unforgettable portrayal of the character, marrying the best of subtlety and intensity. Tripti’s expressive eyes have a story to tell of their own, and the audience is drawn into the narrative. 

Her depiction in “Shilpa Ka Shikar” reveals an incredible mix of talent and charm that stays with you, even after the incident is played out on screen. Tripti Bera’s involvement with the series is proof of her acting skills and how she can add to the characters she plays and that she can make differences in the ott mode of storytelling.

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