Dream Girl Web Series Bull Originals Review, Cast, Actress

Dream Girl Web Series
Anita Jaiswal and Gaurav Kapoor

Dream Girl Web Series : The latest Bull App, which looks like the ULLU App, has a new web series called “Dream Girl.” The series is a drama of a boy whose girlfriend gets married. Still in this article, a story, characters, and other stuff will be described in detail.

Dream Girl Web Series Details

Web SeriesDream Girl
SeasonSeason 1
Total Episode2 Episode
Duration40 minutes
Lead CastShyna Khatri, Anita Jaiswal, Deepak Sharma, Ali, Manisha, Mazid Khan, Gauarv Kapoor
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
WritterTitu Nishad
Release Date5 April 2024
DirectorSarvez Khan
ProducerGullar Private Limited

Bull App Dream Girl Web Series Cast Actress

Shyana Khatri

Anita Jaiswal

Dream Girl Web Series Story

The story of the Bull App’s Dream Girl Seven Days web series starts with a dream, where a lover gets entranced by his beloved. In a flash, his mate appears and disturbs his slumber, which he finds worthwhile. He ruminates about how much he loved Rani. As he goes grazing with his friend, he notices the crowd that is following a doctor from the city who is treating the villagers. He then embarks on a journey to find love and, at the house of Rani, there are a number of amazing scenes which can be seen on the Bull App.

Watch Dream Girl Webseries Bull App

The first episode of the Dream Girl is already out, each around 20 minutes long. Therefore, watching the first part will steal about 40 minutes from you. The plot of this series is made very enjoyable, and new episodes will continue to come. 


Q. Dream Girl Web Series Actress Name

Ans, Shayana Khatri and Anita Jaiswal

Q. Dream Girl Web Series Full Cast

Ans. Shyna Khatri, Anita Jaiswal, Deepak Sharma, Ali, Manisha, Mazid Khan, Gaurav Kapoor

Q. Dream Girl Web Series Release Date ?

Ans. 5th April 2024

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