Watch Tapish Web Series Hunt Cinema Review, Cast, hot Actress Details

Watch Tapish Web Series Hunt Cinema
Aayushi Bhowmick

Watch Tapish Web Series Hunt Cinema Review, Cast, hot Actress Details

Tapish web series is now available in the magical house of Hunt Cinema featuring the story of a father and his house help. In this series, Tapish, you see how these people act with each other and between them. Besides, the new tale continues in this collection with some new characters. This post contains the biography of all its characters with their real names.

Hunt Cinema Tapish Webseries Details

eries TitleTapish
PlatformHunt Cinema
SeasonSeason 1
Total Episode4 Episode
Duration20 minutes
Lead CastGaurav Singh, Ravindar Yadav, Aayat, Aayushi Bhowmick
GenreFamily Drama, Romance
Release Date4 March 2024

Tapish Web Series Cast Hunt Cinema

  • Aayat,
  • Aayushi Bhowmick,
  • Gaurav Singh,
  • Ravindar Yadav,

Hunt Tapish Web Series Story


The Tapish story series will begin at the house of a painter who is never going to have enough of his art. He doesn’t find so much time for his wife Sonu and this makes her quite sad. His servant, Satyam, is the villager too. One day, the owner decides to go to Goa. However, for to earn some money, he returns to the city. He leaves his wife at the village to collect funds for their future child. After her husband as gone to Goa, Sona starts to feel lonely. Then she confides her loneliness in her servant Satyam.

Nevertheless, Sona could not keep up pretenses for long and informed his husband of this as soon as he came back. And here is what her husband does next, but only find it if you watch this Tapish series.

In this episode, Ravindra Yadav comes back to the front as the owner, while Aayat plays the role of Sona, who is the female lead. Notwithstanding this, Gaurav Singh plays the servant Satyam while Aayushi Bhowmick acts as his wife. 

Tapish Web Series Actresses

The natural chemistry between these four is a sight to behold. A new cast member named Aayat steps in, with who the viewers can, for the first time, see some fresh faces. Just like Aayushi Bhowmick, I also feel good after a long time when I see her again.

Watch Tapish Web Series Hunt Cinema

In this web series, here you can watch a total of 4 episodes with an average duration of 20 minutes; so, you may take just about an hour and half to watch those 4 episodes in a row. Nonetheless, the series has very carefully chosen the parts of the storyline to film with only four characters, sparing us any useless scenes. However, audiosubtitling is its only con as the quality of dubbing is quite bad.

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