Watch Shatir Web Series Jalva Original Review, Cast, hot Actress Details

Watch Shatir Web Series Jalva Original Review

Watch Shatir Web Series Jalva Original Review, Cast, hot Actress Details

The upcoming web series of Jalva Original, named “Shatir”, is an innovative project which takes cunningness and cleverness to a higher level, relying on a new approach and giving the audience something fresh and unexpected. The humor of rural life complements, not only. This particular post summarizes the full story of the series, cast, characters, and many others of “Shatir”.

The imprudent village boy Sarju is totally at the mercy of his desires and his schemes which he is using to involve the women of his village to breathe.

Shatir Web Series Story Jalva Details

Series TitleShatir
PlatformJalva Original
SeasonSeason 1
Total Episode2 Episode
Duration20 minutes
Lead CastShyna Khatri, Malvika Tomar, Sanjay Bhardwaj, Vivaan
GenreDrama, Romance
Release Date2 March 2024

Jalva Shatir Web Series Cast

The characters like Shyna Khatri, Malvika Tomar, Sanjay Bharadwaj, and Vivian were all played by actors in the Shatir Web Series. Who can forget their good looks? These two stars make the audience surrender to their ethereal beauty just as they did in their native country. The other men which is Sanjay Bharadwaj and Vivian have also made their dreams and desires and even though they might only be a dream. Shyna Khatri as Gunjan and Malvika Tomar as Sarla Bhabhi are the main characters of a show.

Shatir Web Series Story Jalva

Sarju is the shopkeeper in the village; besides this, he not only is attentive to his customers but also keeps his mature mind in check. It is usually the case that he finds himself making situations more awkward. He keep turning his attention towards charming Sarla and Gunjan, his sister-in-law. For the day as well, he fantasizes about them throughout the day. However there is Gunjan happily married to Raman and relishing imprints of mogra and gulab jamun.They also share secrets. Nevertheless, Sarju accidentally discovers something about Gunjan that he turns out to use for his own ends. Now that you’ve learnt everything, you can figure out what’s ahead in Shatir Web Series only by watching it.

Watch Shatir Web Series Jalva Original

Shaatir web series created by Jalva, has released the first two episodes, approximately 20 minutes long each, up to now. It explores the interactions among the various characters, the commoners and their roles in the village. The saga employs clever double entendres and turns it into a comedy series. The story has really only just begun, and another episode has just been released with more to follow where different characters will be in the story.

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