Haveli Web Series Cast, Actresses, Story and Watch Online on Ullu App

Haveli Web Series Cast
Priyanka Chaurasia and Lucky Saini holding hands scene

Haveli Web Series Cast: The forthcoming web series ‘Haveli’ by Ullu App is set to premier on 29 March 2024 on the Ullu app. Given below are the information about the Haveli cast, release date, actress name, and watch online option for the web series.

Ullu App is definitely the top Indian OTT platform with multiple genres of content. The Haveli web series is a horror mystery of an old house. Ullu repeated their record of having the best storylines which have the ability to synchronize with the majority.
In the past they have come out with many series in different genres such as Charmsukh Series, Palang Tod Series, Prabha Ki Diary Series, Julie seasons 1 and 2, Love Next Door, Lovely Massage Parlor etc. Haveli is the latest one in the list.

Haveli Web Series Cast

  • Priyanka Chaurasia as Ruby
  • Saurabh Sewal as Anand
  • Priya Gamre as Bua
  • Ritu Rai Acharya as Iraa

Haveli Web Series Story

The opening scene of the web series revolve around a girl coming back to the palace with her boyfriend after a long time. The bua converses everything that comes to her mind to make them go far away from the palace. There is an element of scare and a touch of the unknown too trailing the web series.
The story synopsis is as follows: “Ruby comes to live back with Anand to find her father” However, she finds out about aunt’s magics and as a result, there is the chaos.

Haveli Ullu Web Series Details

Web SeriesHaveli Web Series
Main CastPriya Gamre, Priyanka Chaurasia, Ritu Rai Acharya, Lucky Saini, Saurabh Sewal
Release29th March 2024
LanguagesHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri
Release Date29 March 2024
OTTUllu App
WriterNadeem Khan
DirectorB Gaikwad
ProducerUllu Digital Limited

Where To Watch Online Haveli Web Series

Priya Gamre and Saurabh sewal

The show was initially made in Hindi in order to attract the North Indian audience who regularly enjoys watching drama web series with infidelity plots. Those who are subscribers of Ullu app can watch and download the web series without spending a penny.
The web series had Priyanka Chaurasia, Priya Gamre and Ritu Rai and all of them acted out their characters so well that it became one of the most loved web series.

The trailer found a good reception from the audiences and the people are now excited to see the battle of the powerful ladies like Priya Gamre, Priyanka Chaurasia, and Ritu Rai in the web series. I am eager to watch how well this Haveli web series will do for Ullu app. Although, after a time period, another famous Ullu web series featuring girl-girl action was shown to the viewers.
All these were about the web series called Haveli. Watch Online the entire series on ullu application, how do you see the series? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


Q. When Haveli Part 1 and Part 2 is released ?

Ans. 24th March 2024.

Q. Where to Watch Haveli Web Series Online?

Ans. You can watch online on Ullu App.

Q. How many episodes are released ?

Ans. 3 episodes

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