Chhatri Web Series Cast, (Bull App) Actress Name, Watch Online

Chhatri Web Series Cast
Malvika Tomar

Chhatri Web Series Cast: “Chhatri” is the latest web series from the genres of romance, drama, and fantasy that follows the story of Vayu which is presented to you by the OTT platform Bull. Launch screen for the 7th of March 2024 exclusively on Bull App, it has evoked the youth curiosity at present that they desire to immediately gain the exposure after release. The serial includes lead roles of Malvika Tomar and Tripti Berra in their cast.

In this article, you will get all the information about the cast, actresses, release date, and where to watch online. Let’s get started without any further delay.

Chhatri Bull App Web Series Key Details

Web SeriesChhatri Web Series
Main CastGaurav Singh, Malvika Tomar, Tripti Berra, Prerna Vashwakarma
GenreDrama, Erotic
LanguagesHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri
Release Date7th March 2024
OTTBull App
Time Duration25 minutes to 27 minutes
Director R. K Sir
ProductionPDM Pictures

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Chhatri Web Series Cast

Gaurav Singh as Condom Seller

Malvika Tomar as Mami

Tripti Berra as Girl 1

Prerna Vashwakarma as Girl 2

Chhatri Web Series Story

Gaurav Singh and Prerna Vashwakarma

The storyline of this web series attracts the viewer. It tells the story of a traveling salesman who gets to a village selling contraceptives on his bicycle. He plans to increase his sales volume by promoting his product to the women in the village. Incidentally, this village is his mother’s uncle’s area where women carry out trials before buying a contraceptive. For the full story to be unraveled, one must watch the web series.

Chhatri Web Series Actresses

Tripti Bera, Malvika Tomar, and Prerna Vishwakarma are the leading ladies in the web series.

Chhatri Web Series Release Date

Prerna Vishwakarma
Prerna Vishwakarma

The web series, previously exclusive to the launch event, went live yesterday at midnight on March 8th, 2023 on the Bull App and website and is accessible only to subscribed users.

The trailer received a positive feedback from audiences, and everyone loves juicy stories with a killer cast. The Bull App audience is anxiously awaiting the Chhatri web series as it makes its debut. Interestingly, it brings back the girl-on-girl action in another remarkable web series of the Bull App, which was long since missed by the audience.

Where to Watch Chhatri Web Series Online

Tripti Bera and Malvika Tomar(left to right)
Tripti Bera and Malvika Tomar(left to right)

The first season was made in Hindi language, in order to have the preferences of the north Indian audience, especially those who love the fascinating web series laced with the faith infidelity plotlines. The Bull App subscribers will have the privilege of watching the web series for free and having the ability to stream and download it at a time of their choice.

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Q. What is the OTT Release Date of the Web Series Chhatri Bull?

Ans. 7th March 2024 at the mdinight

Q. Who is the Cast of the Chhatri Web Series?

Ans. Gaurav Singh, Tripti Bera, Malvika Tomar and Prerna Vashwakarma

Q. Who is the main female cast in the Chhatri web series?

Ans. Tripti Bera and Malvika Tomar

Q. How many episodes does the Chhatri web series has?

Ans. 2 Episodes

Q. What genre does the Chhatri web series belong to?

Ans. The web series genre is drama and erotic

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