Watch Online Sursuri -Li Web Series Full Episode on Ullu App

Watch Online Sursuri -Li Web Series Full Episode
Nidhi Mahawana

Watch Online Sursuri -Li Web Series Full Episode on Ullu App

Ullu App released Sursuri -Li Part 1 web series today. It is directed by Shahid Naqvi , web series is already available on Ullu’s official website and App.  The web series release date is 1 July 2022. And leads of this show are Nidhi Mahawan, Mahi Khan, Ajay Mehra, and many others.

Watch Online Sursuri -Li Part 1 web series full episode on Ullu App exclusively today.  This web series is suitable for an 18 + audience. Here you get all the information regarding this web series. Sursuri- Li Part -2 web series will be released soon next week.

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  • Ajay Mehra as Sur
  • Nidhi Mahawana as Surili
  • Jay Shanker Tripathi as Rajan
  • Ankur Malhotra as Dawood
  • Mahi Khan as Kamini

Sursuri-Li Ullu Web Series Cast, Actress, Release Date & Watch Online

Sursuri-Li Web Series Story

The story revolves around Sur Kumar Dulari’s only ambition in life is to get married to the girl of his dreams, and the person who comes from his dream is his own father’s greed.  The tale takes a ravishing turn when Sur meets Surili, whose dream is to marry a girl of his desire, it’s just an onset of his not-so-perfect ending, a swivel is yet to come in their love story. 

The web series began when Surili is sitting in the washroom and taking a glance at erotic tales.  Surili is a bold girl,she just does face cam to earn money. Whereas, Sur a 25 years old unmarried boy, and Suril a 25 years old unmarried girl both want to enjoy their first night. But Sur father is a mingy person who wants a substantial amount of dowry. 

Sur is a daydreamer who always dreamed about getting married and enjoying his first night. In his neighborhood, he saw Kamini and lost his fantasy.  A family comes to meet Surili’s family but her past lover spoils everything. On the other side, Kamini tries to get intimate with Sur.  Sur lost his imagination when he saw Surili eating golgappas’ .  To know what happens next whether Sur will get married to Surili or a new pivotal is there. 

Nidhi Mahawan

Watch Online Sursuri -Li Web Series Full Episode

To watch this erotic and bold web series just take a subscription to the Ullu App by paying a nominal fee and enjoy this Web Series. The Web Series is in Hindi and for North Indian Audience.

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