STD PCO Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Watch Online on Primeshots

STD PCO Web Series Cast

STD PCO Web Series Cast: “STD PCO” the web series that many moviegoers are looking forward to be released on the Primeshots OTT app on March 1, 2024. Livelihood complexity Aaliya Naaz, a well-known actress, portrays the leading roles in this thrilling tale, that takes place in the colorful background of modern India.

Web series offering a multilingual experience will be in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and some words in Bhojpuri. With an overall number of four episodes yet to be specified, it is still undecided how long each individual episode will be. The director A.K Sir is the mastermind behind the show while Primeshots Pvt. Ltd., is in charge of the production.

Web SeriesSTD PCO
Main CastAaliya Naaz,
LanguagesHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri
Release Date1 March 2024
OTTPrimeshots app
DirectorA. K. Sir
Production HousePrimeshots Pvt. Ltd.

STD PCO Web Series Story

STD PCO web series heroine story is about a girl who often talks to her boyfriend at a public telephone booth as she either does not afford one to herself or wants to maintain her privacy. However, when that is not possible, she negotiates with the PCO owner behind her back who abuses her in the process. Another successful performance of actress Aaliya Naaz in this spellbinding web series proves that.

The interested viewers will see the plots hidden twists and turns by waiting for the release of the series instead on the Primeshots OTT app. The audience can access the ecosystem through the Primeshots App which must first be subscribed to. Now brace yourself and you will have an amazing experience with us through our “STD PCO web series.” It will be launched soon!

STD PCO Web Series Cast

Aliya Naaz as Dimple

STD PCO Web Series Actress

Aliya Naaz is a famous Indian model and actress. She makes the list of super courageous female stars. She has turned the OTT universe on its head. The popularity of Aliya Naaz is a result of her acting craft and fearless looks.

STD PCO Web Series Watch Online on Primeshots App

With the Primeshots app launching the 1st four episodes of STD PCO on their OTT platform, the series is now available to viewers. We hope you will stream the whole series by using the PrimeShots App and discover other PrimeShots series. Under no circumstances use unauthorized torrenting websites that unlawfully leak or distribute Primeshots Web Series as soon as they are released.

Consequently, these deeds bring big losses for creators, and they may not have the possibility to develop the new thrilling content in future. Alternatively, watch STD PCO web series handy online and patiently await for potential future Primeshots web series.

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