Soul Reader Web Series Atrangii Review, Cast, hot Actress details 

Soul Reader Web Series

Soul Reader Web Series is one of the latest Indian off-beat web series starring Ayesha Retiwala and Zeba Khan. In this Hindi web series, the actors have expressed their characters beautifully. Viewers can watch this series, which will be available online from March 12th, 2024. A web series narrates the story of a person who can talk to souls. You can also watch the “Soul Reader” web series on the Atrangii app.

The plot of the Soul Reader web series is about a person who speaks with souls. There is a character named Kamraj and his plan is to make good money by talking to spirits. His wife Kusum is in the same line of work with him, making things much easier for both of them. As a team, they hold the wealthy people in their scheme so that they can make more money. They take interviews from wealthy people like Randhir, whose wife hasn’t been seen for three years now and who wants to communicate with her. The performance is going just as planned, but somewhere during the play, the audience is also the one playing the game.

Soul Reader Web Series Details

Web Series NameSoul Reader (2024)
Release Date12 March 2024
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Bangla, Bhojpuri and Telugu
Director/Produced BySantosh R Mishra 
CastAyesha Retiwala, Zeba Khan, Abhinav Gautam and Mohit Sharma
Genre Drama, Romance, Suspense
DistributorAtrangii App
Origin CountryIndia
Banner/ProductionAtrangii Presents
Runtime25 – 30 Minutes (per episode)

Soul Reader Web Series Cast

Ayesha RetiwalaSimridhi
Zeba KhanKusum
Abhinav GautamRandhir
Mohit SharmaKamraj

Soul Reader Web Series Story

She warns her husband to be careful as Randhir is crafty. Next, Kusum starts to act like she is Randhir’s dead wife’s spirit. During the play, Randhir is convinced that Kusum is his wife and he takes her to a room. Here, whoever is involved with the souls will be the ones who get captured by their snare. However, Kusum has a solution, don’t you think? Here in this serial, viewers will find entertainment, romance, and unlimited drama.

In the web series Soul Reader, the character of Kamaraj, who communicates with spirits, is portrayed by Mohit Sharma, and Zeba Khan is the actress who takes on the role of his wife, Kusum. Furthermore, Abhinav Gautam takes on the role of their wealthy client Randhir Singh, and Ayesha Retiwala plays the role of his gorgeous secretary/assistant, Smrdhi.

Atrangii Soul Reader Web Series Actress

Zeba Khan

Ayesha Retiwala

Atrangii Soul Reader Web Series

In the Soul Reader series, Ayesha the lead star, enthralls not only Randhir Singh but also Kamaraj with her beautiful looks. The actress is perfect in this role as secretary, her very appearance carries people in the eye, she doesn’t need to be rude or gross to catch anyone’s attention. Alongside Ayesha, Zeb Khan became Kamaraj’s wife and she received as much screen time as him to display her skills through the character.

These movies known as the Reader for Soul Series have been made with the aid of a short film. The series is limited to only one episode and the running time is just about 30 minutes. In there you will find the roots of one of the main Church’s doctrinal teacing about the apostolic succession. In which this job for the couple is a communal kind, and the future of the couple is entirely reliant upon the outcome. Watch this film on Atrangic App.

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