Poacher Web Series Trailer Released on Amazon Prime Video

Poacher Web Series Trailer

Poacher Web Series Trailer: Alia Bhatt, as an executive producer, issued a YouTube video teaser for her series ‘Poacher,’ which intends to fight animal crimes.

The video makes the point that the problem of poaching is a major one and that it should not be ignored, with the actor reiterating that crimes against the animals should not be taken lightly. In the video, she firmly declares that “Murder is Murder” (emphasizing the gravity of it).

Poacher Release Date

The theatrical release for `Poacher` is scheduled for February 23, 2017. Richie Mehta, an Emmy award winning director is the creator and director for the film.

Poacher Web Series Cast

The show has a star cast comprising of Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew and Dibyendu Bhattacharya, all of these promising leads. It revolves around the lives of a handful group of people. It includes officers of Indian Forest Services, NGO workers, police constables and good hearted people, who risked their lives bravely to sort out the complicated investigation.

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Alia Bhatt Poacher Web Series Trailer

Alia released an awareness clip which was both chilling and mysterious. The actor tells the story of a shocking incident where a harmless animal died as a result of this shooting.
The video, in its turn, manifests the picture of the consequences with the scenes demonstrating a distressing tranquility, a persistent foul smell, and a gloomy atmosphere that has substituted the once alluring, peaceful and refreshing forest. As death creeps over the lifeless body in the wild, Alia gasps in horror and see the loaded rifle, casings of spent bullets, and the silhouette of an anonymous butcher; a realization that there can be no humanity to compassion for wild creatures.

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