Online Wala Pyar Web Series Wow Entertainment Review, Cast, Actress Details

Online Wala Pyar Web Series

Online Wala Pyar Web Series of Wow Entertainment shows the realistic life of youth of today. It is about young people’s search for a place to live, their loneliness struggles, and their quest for a way out eventually. This quest, through the online space, is going to be unveiled further in the next parts of this post.

Wow Online Wala Pyar Webseries Details

Web Series NameOnline Wala Pyaar
PlatformWow Entertainment
SeasonSeason 1
Total Episode4 Episode
Duration20 minutes
Lead Cast Lovepreet, Leena Singh, Vivan, Sohail shaikh, Sanjay bhardawaj
GenreAdult, Online, Romance
Release Date1 March 2024

Online Wala Pyar Web Series Story

Sheila is married to Daya but still has trouble affording her basic needs. Daya says that the boss’s son and his friend will stay here for these few days as paying guests. They will pay up front, just make sure you manage the money.

Sheila agrees to let Akshay and Shoaib stay as PGs, but she gets annoyed with them because they won’t clean the place up. On the other hand, Sheila does something similar to Rahul. She talks about sex with him on Facebook, but they have never met in real life. However, Akshay is having an affair with a girl on Facebook and Shoaib as well goes online talking to someone. Both can’t wait to see these girls. Will they be able to reach the goals or will they remain only online?

In Online Wala Pyar Web Series ,” Lovepreet, Leena Singh, Vivian, Sohel Sheikh and Sanjay Bharadwaj have had a major contribution. Maninder Singh plays the role of Sheila Bhabhi while Sanjay Bharadwaj enacting her husband Daya. Vivian and Samuel Sheikh portray the PG boys called Akshay and Shoaib. Leena Singh also displays her talent of acting in the show.

Wow Online Wala Pyar Web Series Cast

  • Lovepreet,
  • Leena Singh,
  • Vivan
  • Sohail shaikh
  • Sanjay bhardawaj

Online Wala Pyar Web Series Story

Lovepreet Singh

Online Wala Pyar Web Series is all about Leena Singh and Vivian portrayed by Lovepreet, Sohel Sheikh, and Sanjay Bharadwaj in the web series. The actor, Lovepreet, embodies the role of Sheela Bhabhi and the husband character is played by Sanjay Bharadwaj (Daya). Vivian and Sohel Sheikh are portraying Akshay and Shoaib, two PG occupants in a youthful age. Leena Singh also exhibits her acting talent in the area of this series.

Online Wala Pyar Web Series Actress

Lovepreer, Leena Singh are the leading actress.

Watch Online Online Wala Pyar Web Series on Wow Entertainment

Leena Singh

The main part of the “Online Wala Pyar” was originally known as “Facebook Wala Pyar” series. However, for unknown reasons; its name was changed afterwards. There was no copyright offence: the name was just switched. Besides that, love counts the same, and this also is shown by the trailer. Till now, the first two parts of the series have been released with a total of 4 episodes; but the story is still unfinished. Stay tuned for the continuation’s part, and you can it also Know Wow


Q. What is the Cast of Online Wala Pyar Web Series ?

Ans. Lovepreet, Leena Singh, Vivan, Sohail shaikh, Sanjay bhardawaj

Q. When is Online Wala Pyar Web Series Released?

Ans, 1st March

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