OMG 2 Movie Review: A Satirical Comedy-Drama with a Powerful Message

OMG 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2008 hit film Oh My God!, has finally hit the screens in India. Starring the talented trio of Akshay Kumar, Yami Gautam, and Pankaj Tripathi, this satirical comedy-drama aims to entertain and educate audiences with its powerful message. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of OMG 2, including its box office collection, star cast, and the clash with Gadar 2. Let’s explore this unique film and discover why it has created such buzz in the industry.

The Box Office Performance of OMG 2

The box office collection of OMG 2 has been a topic of discussion among movie enthusiasts. Despite a slow start in terms of advance bookings, the film managed to collect approximately 7 crore rupees on its opening day. While this figure may be lower than the opening day collections of some recent Akshay Kumar films, such as Samrat Prithviraj and Bachchan Pandey, it is important to note that word-of-mouth and subsequent days’ performance will greatly impact the overall box office collection.

As of August 12, 2023, OMG 2 has accumulated a total box office collection of around 10 crore rupees. While it is too early to predict the film’s fate, considering the competition from other releases like Gadar 2, Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani, and Jhund, the film will need to maintain its momentum to achieve success. The final box office collection will ultimately depend on audience reception and the film’s ability to captivate viewers with its unique storyline.

The Star-Studded Cast of OMG 2

OMG 2 boasts an impressive star cast, including the versatile Akshay Kumar, the talented Yami Gautam, and the exceptional Pankaj Tripathi. Akshay Kumar, known for his diverse range of roles, brings his star power to the film as a prominent figure in the industry. Yami Gautam, celebrated for her nuanced performances, adds depth to her character, while Pankaj Tripathi shines in his role as a common man fighting for justice.

The Plot of OMG 2

Akshay Kumar as Lord Shiva

OMG 2 revolves around the story of Kanti Sharan Mudgal, played by Pankaj Tripathi, a devout devotee of Lord Shiva. When Kanti Sharan’s son, Vivek, becomes a victim of bullying and false accusations at school, the film takes a satirical turn as Kanti Sharan fights for justice. The movie tackles important social issues such as the need for sex education in schools, ignorance about body parts, and the impact of societal taboos on individuals.

The Importance of Sex Education in OMG 2

One of the most significant aspects of OMG 2 is its focus on the importance of sex education in schools. The film bravely addresses the need for comprehensive sex education and challenges the societal taboos surrounding the topic. It highlights how the absence of sex education can lead to ignorance, abuse, and the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes. By championing the inclusion of sex education in the curriculum, OMG 2 aims to create awareness and empower individuals to make informed decisions.

The Satirical Approach to Addressing Social Issues

OMG 2 Movie Review
Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar

OMG 2 adopts a satirical approach to address various social issues prevalent in Indian society. Through humor and wit, the film sheds light on the hypocrisy and manipulation surrounding religious practices. While the protagonist, Kanti Sharan Mudgal, is a devout devotee of Lord Shiva, the film cleverly avoids direct religious controversy. Instead, it focuses on broader themes of justice, education, and societal change.

The Clash Between OMG 2 and Gadar 2

OMG 2 faced stiff competition from another highly anticipated film, Gadar 2. Despite the clash, industry experts believe that both films can coexist and thrive in the box office. Girish Johar, a prominent movie analyst, predicts an opening day collection of 5 to 10 crore rupees for OMG 2, considering its unique audience and limited promotion. Akshay Kumar himself expressed optimism about the simultaneous release of both films, suggesting that they can succeed without intense competition.

The Performance of the Cast
Yami Gautam as Lawyer
Yami Gautam as Lawyer

OMG 2 boasts exceptional performances from its talented cast. Pankaj Tripathi effortlessly portrays the honest and god-abiding Kanti Sharan Mudgal, carrying the film on his able shoulders. Yami Gautam delivers a chilling performance as Kamini Maheshwari, the sophisticated lawyer fighting against Kanti Sharan. Akshay Kumar, in an extended cameo, showcases his acting prowess and brings a sense of coolness to his portrayal of Lord Shiva’s messenger.

The Impact of OMG 2 on Society
Pankaj Tripathi as Kanti

OMG 2 tackles significant societal issues, including the impact of ignorance and the importance of open dialogue. The film questions why certain topics, such as reproduction and sex education, are often skipped or considered taboo. It explores the historical context of sex education in India, highlighting how it was once an accepted part of the culture before British influence reshaped the education system. By initiating conversations and challenging societal norms, OMG 2 aims to create positive change and promote a more informed and inclusive society.


OMG 2 is a satirical comedy-drama that combines humor, social commentary, and powerful performances to deliver a thought-provoking cinematic experience. With its focus on the need for sex education in schools and the impact of societal taboos, the film ignites important conversations about education, justice, and empowerment. Despite the initial box office challenges and the clash with Gadar 2, OMG 2 has the potential to resonate with audiences and make a lasting impact on society. As viewers immerse themselves in the world of Kanti Sharan Mudgal and his fight for justice, they will be entertained, enlightened, and inspired to question the status quo.

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