Jason Dylan Bretfelean Wins The Mister Global 2023 Pageant

Jason Dylan Bretfelean

In Maha Sarakham, Thailand, the ninth edition of Mister Global took place on 26th November, 2023. India was proud of Jason Dylan Bretfelean who emerged victorious in a highly revered male pageant. In turn, Jason of India took over the crown from Juan Carlos Ariosa of Cuba and emerged the new titleholder of the event. There were a total number of thirty six men who participated in Mr.Global 2023, which was held in Thailand.

Jason Bretfelean, from India, was a winner but the first runner-up turned out to be Oliver Cheang from Hong Kong. Other top performers in this competition included Alvaro Flores Carvajal from Chile, Kevin Davalos Tai from Taiwan, and Le Huu Dat from Vietnam, respectively. Anusith sangnimnuan and Mr. International 2023 Kim Thitisan goodburn were hosts of the event.

Who is Jason Dylan Bretfelean?

The Mister Global nine took place in Maha Sarakam, Tailand, 23rd Noverber, 2023. This was a proud moment for India, when Jason Dylan Bretfelean won the popular boys’ parade. At the close of the occasion, Juan Carlos Ariosa of Cuba surrendered his crown unto Jason from India and became the freshly crowned king.

Mister World 2023, that involved 36 competitors and finished in Thailand. The winner was India’s Jason Bretfelean and Oliver Cheung as the first runner up. Other winners included Alvaro Flores Carvajal (second runner up) from Chile, Kevin Davalos Tai (third runner up) from Taiwan, and Le Huu Dat from Vietnam (fourth runner up)Mr. Anussit Sri-Siam Nuan is also part of the event and it is hosted by Anusith Sangnimnuan and Mister International 2023 Kim Thitisan Goodburn.

Jason additionally used to play football and had featured professionally for Bucharest, Romania. However, about two years ago, he was involved in an injury of his knee and thus ceased playing as he mentioned while appearing on male pageant’s interview round. This hardship in his life and his strong mentality made him stand on the global platform.

Jason Dylan Bretfelean is the youngest winner of Rubaru Mr. India

Out of all participants 19-year-old Jason is the youngest one participating in the Rubaru Mr. India. He emerged winner during the competition that happened in Goa in August 2023. Besides in sports, he is also interested in business and modeling. In fact, he even took part in the iron man competition in Goa which occurred in November 2022.

Current Projects of Jason Bretfelean

Currently, his is an active social user having 49.6k followers in his official instagram account. He can fluently speak English, Hindi, Romanian, and Telugu. One would find that, Jason cooks, plays football, meditates, runs at the gym, does trekking among others activities. He also wants to help in the education sector of this country. In addition, together with his parents, he has volunteered in several NGOs aimed at helping the destitute kids as well as downtrodden people.

Rubaru Mr India posted a pride-filled post for the historical win of Jason Dylan Bretfelean

Mister Global 2023’s Jason Dylan Bretfelean was celebrated with a pride-filled post by Rubaru Mr India. However, they said that a 19 year old called Jason had wrote history in India. They captioned the post as:

“History Made! Jason Dylan Bretfelean, First Indian to Win Mister Global Pageant! Witness the defining moment etched in time as Jason’s heartfelt expression upon being announced the new Mister Global 2023 steals our hearts! In his historic win, he not only secured the title but also painted the moment with the essence of generosity and genuine emotion. This victory is a testament to Jason’s dedication, our collective efforts, and the undeniable spirit of India! Thank you, Jason, for making history and bringing glory to our nation.”

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