5 Best K-Dramas You Probably Missed in 2022

5 Best K-Dramas You Probably Missed in 2022

5 Best K-Dramas You Probably Missed in 2022

Since the start of 2022, fans have seen a flurry of new K-drama releases by multiple streaming platforms and cable networks. With so many to choose from, a few dramas got lost in the stream of must-watch storylines. While K-dramas like Revenge of Others and The Fabulous have gained their fame, a few more have fans hooked on every episode and character.

5 Best K-Dramas You Probably Missed in 2022

‘Summer Strike’ is a heartwarming romance between an introvert and a woman starting over

 Seolhyun and Im Si-wan

In the blink of an eye, her boyfriend dumps her, and her mother is killed in an accident shortly after. Needing a break from life, she ventures to a seaside town in the K-drama. Yeo-reum soon meets An Dae-beom (Im Si-wan), a shy and introverted local librarian.

But Dae-beom has his fair share of personal issues. He was once a math prodigy, but circumstances pushed him to move away from the city. The two characters meet and venture on a healing journey and possible romance.

‘Gaus Electronics’ is a 2022 K-drama with a realistic and comedic office romance

Fans need a break from the intense K-dramas that premiered in 2022, like All of Us Are DeadGaus Electronics is a must-watch based on a webtoon. The Marketing Team 3 of the home appliance department at the Gaus Electronics HQ deals with work, personal lives, romance, and everything in between.

Gaus Electronics
Lee Sang-sik (Kwak Dong-yeon) and the assistant manager Cha Na-rae (Go Sung-hee)

Fans will watch as the characters have their own quirks that add a comedic spin and laugh-out-loud comedy. All the employees have dreams of escaping their corporate and mundane lives. One aspect of the K-drama fans enjoyed is the budding relationship between the cheerful Lee Sang-sik (Kwak Dong-yeon) and the assistant manager Cha Na-rae (Go Sung-hee). Fans were over the moon with their hot, steamy, and at times relatable romance story in Gaus Electronics.

‘Cheer Up’ focuses on a college cheer team with a hint of mystery

The 2022 K-drama Cheer Up has fans in a frenzy throughout its time on the air. Hae-yi (Han Ji-hyun) is a freshman at Yonhee University. She joins the Theia Cheerleading Squad for the mere reason of making money. Fans will realize the cheer team is based on Yonsei University, one of the most famous filming sets in K-dramas.

Cheer Up

Hae-yi begins to adjust to college life and develops an admiration for the cheer team. At the same time, fans meet Jung-woo (Baek In-hyuk). He leads Theia despite keeping up with his academics. Part of the reason why fans got hooked on the K-drama is due to its love triangle between Hae-yo, Jung-woo, and another male character. Cheer Up also has an underlying mystery that leaves fans fearing for the lives of their beloved characters.

‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ is a resonating story of a mother’s love for her children

There is no denying that Netflix’s Under the Queen’s Umbrella was a grand success. Juvenile Justice actor Kim Hye-soo dazzled in the leading role of a somewhat unconventional Queen. At the heart of the K-drama, the Queen’s main priority is the happiness and livelihood of her sons, the grand princes. Their futures are jeopardized when a conspiracy in the palace pulls the strings to have one of the King’s concubines’ sons overthrow their claim to the throne.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella’

Under the Queen’s Umbrella gained praise from fans due to its tear-jerking lessons of a mother’s unrelenting love for her children. Fans watch as the Queen puts her heart first and her title second regarding her children’s happiness. The K-drama also tackled social norms in a historical setting, like a child out of wedlock, murder, and an LGBTQ character.

Connect’ stars Jung Hae-in in a riveting 2022 K-drama about a heinous murderer and a new human race

Disney+ released a riveting sci-fi murder K-drama, Connect, starring D.P. actor Jung Hae-in. The actor stars as Hang Do-soo, a man who is part of a new human race called ‘connect.’ Do-soo has an immortal body that can regenerate. One day, he is kidnapped by traffickers and wakes up with his eye missing.

He becomes hellbent on retrieving what was taken to him. But the kicker to the K-drama storyline is who has his eye. Love in Contract actor Go Kyung-po stars as Oh Jin-seop. Jin-seop seems like an ordinary office worker, but he is a monster.


In truth, Jin-seop is a heinous serial killer who poses his victims as art installations in public. He is in possession of Do-soo’s eye. Because of this, Do-soo can see everything Jin-seop sees and tries to stop him for good.

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