Why Did Brahmastra movie Failed to impress the Audience

Brahmastra which is considered a superhero movie was rather a fantastical love story that disappointed fans a lot. 

Although Ranbir and Alia appear in the main character, there isn't such a clear intent between the characters.

The finale of Fire is a little too neat and tidy. Letting Tom back as “the big bad” and creating a universe-wide chain reaction  is a good and climactic moment.

The netizens cheekily twittered how Isha’s character revolved around the male lead and as a result her conversations overwhelmingly included his name

They tried to copy avengers but were too fast with the storyline and screenplay. They killed all the superheroes at once.  Instead of using their superpower they used guns.

There is also a connection to Shiva, the deathless, and a connection to the first prophet ever in the series, who died just prior to this finale. It is logical to see the return of someone connected to this culture