Loretta Lynn Things You  Don't Know

Loretta Lynn Things You  Don't Know

She named after Loretta Young who was known for her starring roles in The Farmer's Daughter (1947) and Come to the Stable (1949)

A family of 10 including her lived in a small cabin . She told that her mother used to make Sears Catalog Pages as Wallpapers. 

Out of her 4 sisters, Peggy Sue and Crystal Gayle, were also professional country singers. 

Loretta and Oliver Dolittle Lynn marry when she was a tennager. They have 6 children together. Oliver died in 1996 

Oliver Dolittle Lynn gifted her firstever gibson guitar in her life of $ 17  when she was 18

She wrote her first ever song during a fishing trip She revealed in her 2012 memoir, Honky Tonk Girl. "I wrote my very first lyric when I wrote 'Whispering Sea.'"

Lynn worked with White on her 2004 album' Van Lear Rose,'  and he praised her by saying she has a different style from rest of the lyricist.

President Obama rewarded Loretta the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013, breaking walls in an industry long conquered by men."

Loretta Lynn signing sensation and first lady of country side died at 90 years of age. At her home in Hurricane Mills