Kantara Movie Review: A Brilliant Performance by RIshab Shetty

Kanrtara Cast Rishab Shetty, Kishore, Sapthami Gowda, Manasi Sudhir. DIrected by Rishab Shetty .

18th century who offers a piece of forestland country to the townies when he gets peacefulness and blessedness through their regional deity. 

after 20 spans, Forest Range Officer Muralidharn  tries to capture that land erstwhile again. Rescuer in the form of Shiva. How he saves the forest, and who'll win the dissent forms the crux?

The story focuses on Shiva and Murali purposefully only to spring a surprise when we get to know the aspirations of Devendra Suttur. This bedazzling ploy worked so well indeed though it was predictable.

Thepre-climax and the climax act of Kantara, featuring a bedazzling Rishab Shetty, are a collection of spine- chilling sequences that gives one goosebump.

Coming to technical angles, Rishab Shetty needs special acknowledgment for his brilliant writing. substantially, the way he connected nature, god, and humans are touching.

Kantara is a deep story and the Director succeeded in reciting it with good commercial elements. The original 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes are the major highlights of the film. 

After an explosive first half hour, the film gets a bit detoured latterly with its stereotypical commercial sequences. Indeed the interval point isn't veritably engrossing. The love track between the idol and heroine may not appeal.

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