Anarakali's purple dress Priyanka looks stunning in this ensemble, which includes a collar necklace and a bunch of golden bangale.

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary looks hot in her pink dress . She just looks like a million dollars and proves the old saying, "Pink is every girl's favorite."

We have never seen anyone as beautiful as priyanka in a yellow lehenga We think she is the most beautiful girl in yellow. We can't take our eyes off her.

The actress shows off her million dollar look in a pink flower suit. We are in love with this gorgeous outfit of hers. This is simle ethinic look that screams fashion.

Udaariyan fame Priyanka looks captivating in her newly fashoined blue lehenga with a glittery blouse and curly hair. She meks are fan go gaga with her blue attire.

This preety Nari can make any man fall in love with her. She is blooming with grace in this pink lehenega

Her million dollar smile in shimmery lehenga . She gave major queen vibes in this.

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