Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, Joel David Moore 

After 13 long years, Avatar: The Way Of Water, a sequel to the highest-grossing film in the world, has hit the screens amidst sky-high expectations 

James Cameron, the mastermind behind the epic story of Avatar and its sequel, already revealed the story in the trailers itself. Still, he makes the movie a great experience to watch with his outstanding characterizations and screenplay. 

The way James connects both parts (movies) is quite good. He gives a neat explanation and makes things easier for people to understand the connections between the first and second parts 

The beauty of Avatar 2 is not only the Navi people but also the creatures they love. James Cameron shows the emotional bond between the giant creatures called Tulkun and Navi clan in a beautiful manner 

Their innocence, fighting spirit and zeal to learn new things have been showcased in a good manner. Kiri and Neteyam will leave a solid impression on us once we leave the theater. 

The plot is so simple and one can guess it by watching the trailers. However, James Cameron narrates it well. Moreover, the film has a runtime of over three hours which can make it hard to sit for a few.  

The slow narration gives you boredom and makes you think about why so much lag has been created. Compared to the first part, James Cameron focused much on emotions, especially with the kids. 

Jake Sully and Neytiri don’t have much screen presence in the first half. Also, the character of the Colonel could have been written better. To be frank, he is less impressive than in the first part 

On the whole, Avatar: The Way Of Water is all about family and emotions. The film has breathtaking underwater visuals to make one dwell in the ocean world. The film runs at a slow pace and one needs to spend over 3 hours to enjoy the visual spectacle.