Akshay Kumar Gets Brutally Trolled for Changing Title to “The Great Bharat Rescue”

Poster of Mission Raniganj Movie

Akshay Kumar Gets Brutally Trolled for Changing Title to “The Great Bharat Rescue”

With his upcoming film “Mission Raniganj,” Akshay Kumar, the famous Bollywood actor recently caught media attention. Initially titled “The Great Indian Rescue” emphasizing the foremost rescue operation during the devastating Raniganj floods, it was later renamed to “The Great Bharat Rescue.” This invited a rush of online banter and criticism.

What to Expect from The Great Bharat Rescue

With a reputation for versatility and dedication to his craft, Akshay Kumar has reliably produced significant box-office hits his entire career. Between entertainment and addressing important issues, the actor from action-packed thrillers to socially relevant dramas has managed strike a balance. A crucial subject and its impact on society were what Kumar aimed to shed light on with ‘Mission Raniganj‘.

Social Media Trolled for Movie Change

The internet community has stirred a backlash due to the sudden title change to “The Great Bharat Rescue.” Often used to evoke a sense of patriotism and cultural identity, the term “Bharat” refers to the Hindi name for India. Deemed unnecessary and exclusionary by many, the change might appear harmless on the surface.

With mixed reactions, the decision was made to change the film’s title from ‘The Great Indian Rescue‘ to ‘The Great Bharat Rescue‘. While applauding the patriotism and nationalistic appeal of the new title, some praised the shift, others unleashed a barrage of vicious trolling. Sarcastic comments, critical opinions and a surge of memes filled social media platforms with some users accusing Kumar of yielding to unnecessary nationalism and stressing the need for unity over division.

Have a Look at some Memes

Himself at the receiving end of such trolling is where Akshay Kumar has found. For his citizenship, the actor in the past has faced criticism. This seems a never ending issue, Akshay Kumar became Indian Citizenship on Independence Day.

More than Just Movie Title Change

Going beyond a minor tweak was the switch in poster words for Akshay Kumar, under criticism. Regarding one of the film’s posters, a portion of the Internet raised concern about editing. Multiple times, faces have been pasted on a poster.

When they drew attention to the error in the poster, a user’s diligence was evident.

Mission Rangiranj

Why Controversy Spark ?

Around the argument that ‘The Great Indian Rescue‘ had a broader, more inclusive appeal, one of the main objections to the title change centered. Critics argue that Kumar alienated a significant portion of the Indian audience by renaming the film ‘The Great Bharat Rescue‘. In a nation as culturally divided as India, regional identities retain immense value, and the alteration in title can seem to have abandoned that.

The Great Bharat Rescue Storyline

Akshay Kumar as Jaswant Gill
Akshay Kumar as Jaswant Gill

Regardless of reasons behind it, the title change has significantly affected things. How the disaster and “Mission Raniganj” are treated will shape public viewpoints. Will the film’s release date impact how the title controversy affects the heroic message it tries to convey?

Release Date

Only time will tell if the title change to ‘The Great Bharat Rescue’ was wise or not. Until further notice, let’s respect differing viewpoints while having rich movie conversations.

Mission Raniganj Cast

  • Parineeti Chopra,
  • Kumud Mishra,
  • Pavan Malhotra,
  • Ravi Kishan,
  • Varun Badola,
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya,
  • Rajesh Sharma,
  • Virendra Saxena,
  • Shishir Sharma,
  • Ananth Mahadevan,
  • Jameel Khan,
  • Sudhir Pandey,
  • Bachan Pachera,
  • Mukesh Bhatt,
  • Omkar Das Manikpur.

Last Akshay Kumar was seen in OMG 2 which was quiet differenr from his previously released movies.

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